x Reventador x (formerly known as HaloFan9795) is one of the three leaders of Onyx. He began playing Halo in 2009 on the original Xbox, and first got Xbox Live when Halo Reach came out. He met Templar 41 in late 2010 and soon after they formed the Onyx Clan. He is a good Halo player (get on my level scrubs lololol) and also plays GTA and Forza. He was known for wearing the bumblebee Security helmet in Halo Reach, and has a large collection of Halo toys they're action figures fucking retard!! He lives in Cleveland Ohio (at least we're not Detroit).

Original Article

HaloFan9795 is the epicly awesome and amazing second in command of Onyx clan. He enjoys wearing the Security helmet Pilot helmet and absolutely does not look like a bumblebee and is friends with Templar 41 and Hells janiter12. HaloFan is also one of the original Three Amigos. He is an Eclipse, has 75 OVER 100 Halo action figures, lots of Halo mega bloks, and a positive K/D, all of which make Templar jealous.

Was booted many times

He STILL doesn't have a hard drive. HE DOES NOW BITCH