The burningfuse (also known as Liam) is Templar 41's best buddy in real life who he hangs out with and gets into various hi-jinks. He is known for smoking a pack o bogeys every day and \being a major lover of da peenusholes. He is possibly queer but this is unconfirmed. He often plays with Templar in real life but never lets him borrow his games. He is a huge fan of the Cockadoody series, Queers of War, Battlefail 3, Halo: Reach, and various other queer games. He is a member of Onyx Clan and is surprisingly good at Reach. He likes LIBERTY ROCK RADIO and is a well known rage quitter. If made mad in a game he will OMFG HE SNIPED ME ACROSS THE MAPFHDKFAKDHA K AAARARGGAGARAGAGA I HATE THIS GAYME!!!!!! What nobodys raging here, no raging going on.


"breathe breathe breathe breathe"

"Hey man want to go smoke a bogey?"

"Im rockin out to some LIBERTY ROCK RAAAADIO"