Sayosiner: The leader of Sierra Squad, very powerful and a force that should not be challenged or the results will end in death... He has 3 forms, the 1st is the form he has around his friends most of the time. Its a relaxed state that is peaceful. The 2nd is when he is playing seriously and wants everyone to actually do there best. The 3rd is pure hell when Sayosiner truly is angry... This form has only been taken once and the enemy team had no idea what was happening to them. In a matchmaking sniper match that was on Boardwalk. At that second as Sayo was surounded he took down there whole entire team getting an extermination... You should pray never to face this form...

DemonicInstinct: Sayosiners Best Buddy! (YAY!! lol jk) Demon is an odd ball who rly kicks ass with sayo in clan battles. Demon loves to use his shot gun as he blows a hole threw the enemys head to leave blood splattered on his armor. Then he loves to take his knife and slowly cut away at his enemies leaving them all to bleed to death in this cold bloody hell.

xXOutRunXx: The youngest one of the group (but who give a shit! he'll stil kick your ass). mostly seen in the front lines taking out enemies with his massive machine gun that he uses to take out large groups of enemies. A rly useful weapon to be used when out numbered. It takes true skill to use this weapon in tough situations.

AjentWarfare: Best with a DMR which is one of the most understandable weapons to know. Ajent loves to keep the game clean but when it gets out of hand so does he. He'll be shoting you and your teams faces one by one leaving none to survive. He loves to show up behind the enemy like a shadow and assasinate them for a silent but painful kill.

Dabom: Kills you when your not paying attention half the. Boom Sniper shot to the face when your grabbing a weapon you want but he doesn't give a flying fuck! He'll take a grenade throw it down Demon pants and let him die with the enemies! Thats how bad ass he is!!

Master chief

Halo Reach Nights Sorrow by AirForceHero

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