The Three Amigos is the name of the group of the best friends of Halofan and Templar on Xbox. They do not have to be Onyx Clan members, just people who are really cool. The name comes from the original three, HaloFan, Templar, and ChickenHawk. However, since we have a lot of friends there have been many new "amigos" added over time such as LastforerunnerNosyDestroyer, Sdunlapdoee, and Ldawg64.

Tales of the Three AmigosEdit

  • Trolling Steve-O : There once was some chode knocker named Steve-O who was really retarded and would believe anything. After the assistance of some douche named KarterBush who convinced Steve-O he was a famous athlete, Noah went on tho play a role as a fake girl named Ellen Anders who wanted to date him. He even got Steve-O to go look for Ellen and convinced him she got a DUI and was bailed out by LeBron James. Yeah. He's that stupid. HaloFan and Noah also ended up trolling him in various ways such as ordering pizzas to his house.
  • Trolling Charbor kidz: One of HaloFan and ChickenHawk's original trolls, they made Charbor kidz think that the porno site was a Halo fan site where you could win prizes for playing Halo. He actually went on the website and got quite a surpirse, unfortunately his parents never found out so the troll was not completely successful.
  • Trolling MLG tryhards: ChickenHawk and HaloFan will often go into the MLG playlist and troll all the "pros" by teamkilling and getting negative scores until everyone ragequits or they get booted .
  • Team Trolling: In BTB Templar and HaloFan will sometimes try and make their teammates betray them and then boot them until there is nobody left on the team. Usually the best tactic for this is jumping in front of their vehicles or betraying them for power weapons until they fight back.
  • Forge Crusher: This is a fun Forge game invented by the Three Amigos members which involves a grid and a gravity lift. The basic concept is one player launches items out of the gravity lift while the others stand in place on the grid and hope not to get crushed. The last one standing gets to be the "launcher" next round.
  • Getting Slap Happy: Whenever you start acting retarded and laughing about everything (like the killball being orange) you have reached slap-happy. Only other people who have reached slap happy can enjoy this with you. This is something that HaloFan and Templar will often stay up late and do (try to avoid them if they do). Its basically like getting high but off idiocy and boredom instead of drugs.