Sierra Squad is a division of Onyx Clan led by Sayosiner. The theme of Sierra Squad is based around the SPARTAN program from Halo, with several of the members using armor similar to in-game characters. Each player in the Squad has a specific role in combat.



1. Sayosiner - OX17- Leader (Master Chief- S-117) Noble

2. DemonicInstinct - OX39- Second in Command (Emile- S-239) Hero

3. Ajent Warfare -OX59- Third in Command (Carter- S-259) General Grade 2

4. xXOutRunXx - OX52- Fire Power (Jorge- S-052) General Grade 3

5. Dabom - OX66- Long Range (Jun- S-266) Field Marshall

6. RedWire - OX12- Fire Power (Noble 6) Brigadier

7. Spswim - OX20- Fire Power (Kat- S-320) Warrant Officer

8. DualJay - OX25- Fire Power- General

9. Vigilents - OX14- Long Range- Long Range- Colonel Grade 3

10. RangerDanger - OX26- Special Ops- Field Marshall

11. Dead Reaps - OX30- Captain Grade 3

12. Shade56 - OX21- Extreme long range Sniper



Sierra Squad is a blood craved group that love to kill everyone in the path. The only way to join is to ask Sayosiner, DemonicInstinct, or AjentWarfare. They are looking for some of the strongest players out there but they dont want little welps thinking there all crazy trying to join. For testing Sayosiner takes them to his training with other people trying to join. Who ever seems to do well could have a chance to join he squad. If they are good enough they have to be tested if they can get along with the other squad members.

They are aloud to mess around but during games in matchmaking take it seriously. No joking around and listen to your orders pay attention, so far Sayosiner has only let Demonic and Ajent into clan battles because they take it seriously an they dont screw around. some times Atat when he's being serious but not a lot.

Once in a clan battle it was going to be a 2 vs 6 with Sayosiner and DemonicInstinct in king of the hill map made by the other team. Demon kept lagging out so Sayosiner had to solo the battle. he was killing everbody but he couldn't get out of his bas to take the hills so of course the enemy was winning. Finally Demon got his game to work but that was at the last round so finally Demon charged out with a Shot Gun and a DMR and took out everyonein his path. Sayosiner covered from the back Sniping everyone he saw and taking out the enemy Sniper. They lost the game but if Demon was there the whole time they would have won. Good thing that was the first clan battle out of 3 that they do. The other 2 they kicked ass in and made the enemy team think they were hackers.