So you want to join us, eh? Is it the cool people, the content of this wiki, or HaloFan9795's stunning good looks? No matter why you want to join us, its easy and fun (unless you suck balls at Reach)

STEP ONE: Cut a hole in the box- oh shit wrong list. Ok, first you can either send an email to, send an Xbox Live message to HaloFan9795, Templar 41, or any other clan member, or contact us on our clan Facebook page. We have a strict NO RETARD RULE so if you are an annoying asshole don't even bother asking.

STEP TWO: Put in your Halo: Reach because its tryout time. If me and Templar determine you don't suck total ass, you're in! Its that simple! You MUST at least have Xbox Live and Halo: Reach to join us, if not then why are you even here?