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This site is a relic of an era long past. Let it forever stand as a monument to the bored minds of a bunch of teenagers on Xbox. Onyx clan is dead but the spirit lives on.

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Foreword by HaloFag9795

Well, hello old chums. It's been quite some time hasn't it. A decade as a matter of fact. Holy fuck, a decade, wow that is just now sinking in. Anyways, enjoy this brief history of Onyx and the glorious days of old. If your name is not Halofan, Templar, Janiter, or maybe Chickenhawk, I advise you stop reading now as this is just a bunch of bullshit. Thanks for all the years good buddies!


In late summer of 2010, all the world was obsessed with Halo Reach. Well, if by the world you mean every teenage nerd with access to electricity and the Internet. A young lad by the name of HaloFan9795 (great name, real creative) met another chap by the name of ChickenHawk on a big team battle match. The two gents hit it off immediately and became friends, mainly by mocking some poor soul named Gifford. I mean, Gifford, really? Who the fuck- I mean his parents must have really hated him. Or just been drunk, or white trash. Who knows? Anyways, they became good pals.

Some time later, during the cold, cold winter of 2011, as America was preparing to watch Obama and Romney duke it out in the upcoming election, a lad name Templar came along and became buds with the other two

The First Onyx Clan (Jan. 2011- Sep. 2011)

Onyx Clan was created by Templar 41 and his former butt buddy in January 2011 from the Gray Team Clan. Onyx started small with only a few members but quickly grew in size after Halofan joined (because he's just that awesome, as if. God, 2011 me was so cringey). The original Onyx would eventually become the most powerful and longest lived of all the versions to follow it. In March of 2011 the clan faced trying times with the rise of Quiet Templar, making it a lot harder to run the clan. Also in March, Onyx beat the shitty clan A10 in a battle. The original Onyx spawned a legacy of Halo Reach maps, gametypes, and most importantly, stupid jokes. In September 2011, Templar lost his Xbox Live Gold and HaloFan became clan leader. HaloFan left and joined master gunner99's clan Fusion Clan. Onyx soon broke up, thus ending the first Onyx Clan

Strigon Clan and Forerunners Clan (late 2011-early 2012)

After the fall of the First Onyx, Halofan joined a clan called Forerunners which set out to be an MLG level group. Meanwhile, Hells janiter and Templar formed a new clan called Strigon. This clan lasted several months, however Halofan opposed the abandonment of the Onyx legacy and refused to join. After the collapse of the Forerunners clan, Halofan rejoined Strigon Clan which soon changed it's name to Onyx again.

Second Onyx Clan and the Rise of Sayosiner (2012)

In 2012, Onyx was reformed and quickly built back up to it's former strength. Early in the year, Halofan's real life friend Sayosiner joined the clan, along with many of his lackeys. Although a good move at first, Sayosiner quickly rose through the clan ranks to gain a position in the leader's council. He was for the most part, a good leader, however after a while he became dissatisfied with being a secondary leader, and started his own clan, Seven Stars. The Seven Stars clan was disastrous for Onyx as many members had grown tired of Templar and Halofan being online less often, and they left to join Sayo. This left Hells janiter (now known as LastForerunner) to run the clan while Halofan and Templar were away. Although he recruited more members, and his noble efforts kept the clan running for several months, Onyx eventually collapsed again in late 2012.

Halo 4 era and Ice Wolves Clan (Nov. 2012 - summer 2013)

Onyx stopped existing for a while after the second clan collapsed, and even when Halofan and Templar began coming online more frequently they decided not to re-form Onyx (despite continuing to use the emblem in remembrance). In early 2013, Templar formed a clan called Ice Wolves which gained several members including ldawg64. The Ice Wolves clan was short lived and ultimately did not become powerful.

DRG Era (Jun. 2013 - Nov. 2013)

In the summer of 2013, Halofan joined a very large clan called DRG. They had over 1800 members and are one of the largest clans on Halo. While Halofan served in the Oasis division, Templar and Forerunner continued to run the Ice Wolves clan. Halofan was able to eventually rise to the rank of Lieutenant in the clan. Several months later, Forerunner joined DRG and was soon followed by Templar. This was widely regarded as a bad move due to Halofan and Templar's tendency to act stupid together and ultimately ended with them violating DRG rules by trolling some idiot in matchmaking.

Third Onyx Clan (Late 2013)

After leaving DRG because of their oppressive policies, Halofan, Templar, and LastForerunner created Onyx for a third time. This time they decided to be much more serious about recruiting and developed on many ideas they had learned from DRG. The clan started out well enough, however stopped meeting due to Halofan and Templar becoming bored of Halo 4. Most of the members have left or are MIA, leaving Onyx's current status unknown. It is unlikely that Onyx will be resurrected again however.

The GTA V Era (Late 2013-Aug 2014)

After abandoning the Halo 4 Onyx Clan, HaloFan and Templar moved on to mainly playing GTA Online. Although Onyx Clan was no more, Halo and Templar used the old Onyx target logo as their online logo in GTA to carry on the spirit. The core Onyx friend group of the time consisted of Halofan (now Reventador), Templar, Janiter, Ldawg64, and NosyDestroyer, and probably someone else I'm forgetting. Anyways, in early '14 Halo and Templar met a mysterious stranger named Sdunalpdoee on GTA V. She was soon revealed to be some girl who was forgotten about quickly, but she introduced the Onyx members to a girl named Brooke, who would later become part of the friend group. Although never officially in Onyx Clan, Brooke is considered an honorary member, as well as an honorary member of the The Three Amigos (sorry Janiter) as she soon became part of the core group and frequently played GTA V with Halo and Templar.

The Great Separation (Aug 2014-Current)

  • In late 2014 the final remnants of what once was Onyx Clan collapsed for the last time. Halofan left for college, and his communications with Templar, Brooke, Janiter, and the gang became less frequent. The other members also moved on to other things as the Xbox 360 became obsolete, and not all of the group upgraded to an Xbox One. More than likely as we all got older, we just got bored of Xbox Live hijinks and moved on to our real lives.

Where Are They Now?

  • HaloFan: Finished college and got married, still enjoys playing GTA V and Halo on occaision
  • Templar: Returned to Italy to start the new Roman Empire and overthrow the European Union. Currently stockpiling a nuclear arsenal
  • Janiter: Joined the army and became a general. Personally guided the bomb that blew the hell out of that asshole ISIS leader
  • ChickenHawk: What the fuck happened to this guy anyways? Probably out jamming to Cage The Elephant and getting stoned.
  • Brooke: CEO of Disney World. Spent over $300 million converting East St. Louis into the world's most elaborate Frozen-themed sex dungeon.
  • LDawg64: Got a job at Pfizer and helped discover the Covid-19 cure.
  • DeathGam3r: I like peanuts
  • Skeeter & Cletus: cancelled for racist jokes.
  • Luckgriff: Eating ass for a subway sandwich on the streets of Edinburgh
  • Sayosiner: jerking off to AHEGAO hentai


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