Lazyboy is a  mildly annoying guy who means well, but trys too hard to get into games and partys. He was offline for a very very long time when his internet access died makeing it so he couldn't play any live finally came back in late 2014 and is trying to get back in touch with the clan members of old to have some slap happy times like the days of yore. Lazyboy2701: Can I pleeeeeaaase have an invite.

Lazy's log Day 1: I have begun the process of searching for the rements of Onyx I have begun in the last place anyone one would think the wiki through this I have found the user names of them and will begin the process of trying to friend them. I will record my progress here as the days pass untill I have acomplished or failed my goal to bring back the slap happy times. Log end 4:41 pm 9/2/14