How do I create pages?Edit

  • Don't create a page if you are not in Onyx Clan, got it.
  • To create a page go to the main page and then click the little button at the top that says create page. If you are going to make one PLEASE USE PROPER SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, we are not children here.(THIS MEANS YOU TEMPLAR)

How do I edit pages!?Edit

  • If you see a spelling error go ahead and fix. If you have something funny to add (NOT RETARDED CRAP, IT HAS TO ACTUALLY BE FUNNY) then add it but if I find it stupid I will remove it so deal with it.
  • DO NOT FUCKING EDIT PAGES IF THEY SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT YOU OR YOU BUTT BUDDIES. Almost everything on this wiki is bullshit so don't take anything seriously because its just for fun. A10 The Russian already tried this and his ass paid for it. I will remove your edits and then make fun of you even MORE than before.
  • You can edit your own page to add more details but if you add something retarded I will remove it.

What the fuck is wrong with you!? I'm offended!!Edit

  • Almost everything bad I say about people on Onyx Clan Wiki is 100% bullshit so just disregard it.

If your topic is not covered here send an email to and I will answer you unless you are from A10 Clan.