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Forerunners was an awesomely good clan on Halo Reach which pwns noobs and takes names. HaloFan9795 used to be a member until the Onyx Reformation of November 2011. This clan spawned from Fusion Clan, When HaloFan and ChampioShadow4 decided that there were too many noobs in the clan. They beat the Clan of One in September 2011, marking their first victory in a clan battle. Later, stomped the shit out of A10 Clan in a clan "battle".

Formerly known as the Reclaimers Clan but was renamed to Forerunners. Not to be confused with the ripoff created by Sparton 1337.

The clan broke up in December 2011 and reformed as the UKG Clan in January 2012. UKG beat Onyx in a clan battle because they are mostly UB3R PR0 TRY HARDZ.


ChampionShadow4- Clan leader

UnknownLegend95- Secondary leader and known infection farmer

NewAssassain- A little 12 year old douchebag who is really annoying but liked by UnknownLegend because he is good at Reach...

master gunner99- Formerly Fusion leader, now.

SCREAMZAMBONI- Champion's usually annoying little brother.

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