Dabom 444 is a member of the onyx clan

Rank (Recon/Grunt)

Age: 17
Halo Reach Nights Sorrow by AirForceHero

Dabom 444 is a low ranking member of the onyx clan. He has no say in the clan and is just a hired gun (outcast). He does not say much during the clan meetings just so he does not get kicked out of the clan and he is fine with this. He pays mind to his own problems but will lend a helping hand to his clan by joining battles and giving support during firefights.

Battle experiance:

(yes i know i spelled some things wrong)

Has a good grip on the Dmr in halo reach, and can pace his shots with precision.

Best weapon of choice : the frag grenade

Frowns upon TEA BAGGING


scouting and recon

meat shield

Favorite lines:




Friends of

Sayosiner: A good comander and superior of his squad. I Will listen to his orders and will stand by his side. Will become meat shield for sayosiner if he has to. (brothers to the end)

Demonicinstinct: will hold in a firefight with this guy. I will Hold out in a firefight with this loyal member, but if things get shaky i will leave him to die (cover my escape route) Or throw a grenade down his pants and throw him into the enemy. LOL JK OR AM I?

Agent Warfare and ATAT: best wingmen i could have at my side. deadly force to be reconed with.

I will stand up for my clan if i will be backed up when in the face of danger. i am a worthy fighter and will fight till the end, unless Demon is near by and i can leave the fucker behind to save my own ass.