• Sayosiner


    February 24, 2012 by Sayosiner

    There annoying as hell and I want then taken out starting this Saturday the 24 of Feb! We are going to kick there asses without showing mercy!

    I want all of you to comment on this and send me a message on x-box if your going to be in the battle!

    If they refuse or come up with excusses saying the can't it will count as an atomatic Win. If they agree we will have a multiple battles until one team gives up we will nonstop thefight!!

    We will win!

    This type of clan battle will now be now known as a...

    CLAN WAR'S !!

    It will be a costume game made up of BTB Maps unless the player amount drops. Any maps from Map Packs are enabled unless players do not have the maps.


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  • Demonicinstinct

    Spswim- Shee is number 10 due to the fact that she just got the game and hasn't learn everything but over time I think she will become a great Halo player.

    Vigilents is number 9 because he has a higher score then Dual Jay but still has low scores at times.

    RangerDanger is number 8 because he is a higher score then vigilents, and Dual Jay but is still not in the top ten due to his fulling around during a game and doesn't take it seriously.

    Dead reaps he gets higher score then all other three and takes it more seriously but not as serious as the rest.

    redwire is number 6 because he/she(idont know what he is acutaully ithink he's a tranny) doesn't kicks ass and but does good sometimes but doesn't takes it seriously a lot more then the other even …

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  • Sayosiner

    Onyx Clan Home Base.

    January 27, 2012 by Sayosiner

    Hey everyone i got a great idea to make a Home base if you have any idea's for it and u can help me get a moded map with as much material i can have to work withi can make a utopia.

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