Battlefield 3 is a pretty cool game created by Dice which is WAY better than Call of Duty crap. Why, you ask? Well, to be honest the campaign isn't really that much better, but the campaigns of CoD games are usually OK anyways. The multiplayer, however is about 10000x better for several reasons:

  • The maps are HUGE battlefields(get it lol) not tiny little crap holes where the only "strategy" is to sit in a corner with a shotgun or quick scope people with the help of ridiculous aim assist. In BF3 you actually have to use tactics and work as a team.
  • There are lots of cool vehicles to use like tanks, helicopters, and planes. CoD has no vehicles so all you do is run around like a retarded chicken with its head cut off while in cool games like BF3 or Halo you can add more variety to your game with vehicle combat.

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